The complete marketing solution for EZ Dock dealers and distributors - serving the EZ Dock community since 1999.


At a Glance

What IS This?

A complete digital marketing system for EZ Dock dealers and distributors - from an amazing turn-key website to search engine ranking, social media resources, and promotional materials ... it's all here for you.

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Why A System?

Having worked with EZ Dock dealers and distributors for over 15 years, it was clear that the same set of challenges are faced by nearly everyone. Now, after over 3 full years of development, the complete system is ready!

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How We Help?

Not only do we provide a powerful set of tools and marketing materials, we also handle your search engine rankijng to make sure you are found. Finally, we provide a whole host of ongoing service to take the work off your hands!

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System Features

Here's an overview of the entire system

EZ Dock Dealer Website

The website includes all the latest product info, photos, videos, etc. It is a beautiful and effective presentation designed to capture leads. The website is automatically updated every time we release new photos, video, product info, etc.

Content / Product Management

Through your Admin Panel, you can manage your company information, add your own additional photos, your own products (for those of you who sell additional items) and more. You can easily manage the content of most of your website from here.

Search Engine Ranking Service

Each EZ Dock website includes the absolute latest optimization techniques to help you achieve high Google ranking. For those clients who have even greater needs, we also offer additional SEO and SEM add-ons.

Local Search Domination

Our package includes an industry-leading Local Search Directory optimization and management package that guarantees your listing on the top 60+ local search directories.

Lead Generation/Conversion Solutions

Each EZ Dock dealer website is designed to capture user data through a series of customizable options (not available on all packages). We offer lead conversion options (through drip-marketing campaigns, etc) that are designed to convert the highest percentage of leads into customers - over time.

Social Media Marketing Services

We offer an impressive set of services from account set-up and optimization to content writing to daily account management and more. Depending on your needs and goals, we can handle as much or as little of this as you would like.

Email Marketing Services

From monthly email newsletters to individual promotional emails (seasonal offerings, special promotions, etc) - email marketing service is included in some packages and can be added to even the introductory packages.

Custom Sales & Marketing Materials

We provide a huge library of marketing materials from pdf sales sheets to individual social media posts, videos, and more - to all of our EZ Dock clients.

Success Coaching

Our system is powerful. Making sure you get the most out of it is important to us. Additionally, you will face new issues of having many website leads and social media leads that are slow to buy (but will buy if you manage and nurture them properly). For this reason, we have a built-in 30 minute monthly phone call to help you keep things on track and we also include unlimited email access and support.

Other Marketing Services Available Upon Request

As a full service sales and marketing agency, we can offer several other marketing services for growing your business. Depending on your overall goals and current business needs, we offer an array of services from business blogging to comprehensive "award winning" website designs. We have developed sales & marketing strategies for some of the most successful small business owners in the country. All you need to do is ask!! We are dedicated to your success ...

Who Created the System

We're a team of digital marketing experts creating innovative solutions to help you succeed.

The EZ Marketing System is a division of DotCom Global Media, a world-class digital marketing firm since 1995. Based out of the Atlantic City, NJ area - our services include internet marketing strategies, website design and development, social media marketing, integrated lead management systems, and a whole lot more.

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