How Customers Search for EZ Dock

How Customers "Look" for You ... and Find You

Let's face it the world is changing. In fact, it's changing faster now than ever before. The days of opening up a phone book to find a local business are long gone.

Is Your Marketing Outdated?

I sure there are a few of you who are reading this article are probably thinking to yourself, how you still get a lot of phone calls from your Yellow Pages ad. If that's you, you need to be very concerned. You're probably not getting as many calls from the ad as you think you are (they may be finding your phone number online) and the trend is turning strongly downward. If the phone book is a significant source of leads for you, you better make a move soon.

More than 90% of all internet search results are LOCATION BASED ... meaning if your LOCAL DIRECTORY LISTINGS haven't been managed properly, you're missing out on a lot of opportunity.

The New Approach

Roughly 50% of all internet traffic now comes via mobile devices. More than 90% of all search results are LOCATION BASED to one degree or another. This means that if I am searching for "dock builders" or "dock companies", I will get a list of results that primarily focus on results that are (roughly) within a certain radius from where I am at the time I made the search. Most of these results come from LOCAL DIRECTORY LISTINGS and ORGANIC GOOGLE rankings.

If you haven't claimed and optimized your business listings on the 60+ local search directories you will miss most of the search traffic. Additionally, the more attention you pay to these listings (meaning your profiles are completely filled out, you have uploaded photos, video, you've had your customers post reviews on these listings, etc.), the higher your ranking will be and the better your results will be.

It's a lot of work but it has to be done.

How We Help You

Part of our service is to manage all of your local directory listings. This means we take all the work off your hands and make sure you are found anytime someone near you is looking for docks, dock accessories, and a whole long list of other search terms. In all, we manage over 60 directory listings and make sure you are at the top of the list.