Selling EZ Dock with Social Media

How Social Media Works for EZ Dock

This is perhaps the most important article in the series we've written so far. Why? Because of how misunderstood social media marketing is ... especially among our "typical" EZ Dock dealers.

Chances are, you're not really a social media person. Which means you may not understand it and heck, you may not even like it all that much. You may see it as a waste of time or feel that it is stupid. You may believe that you'd "do" social media if you weren't so busy. Believe me, we hear it all the time.

Then there's the group of folks who believe that social media isn't effective for selling EZ Dock. Perhaps they've even tried it (or are still trying it) - pointing to their lack of success as proof of their position. Of course, if failing to succeed in something was proof that it doesn't work, then I would like to propose to you that math "doesn't work" because I didn't have any success with that either.

The difficulty with selling floating docks using social media is that you have to have an effective strategy and then be consistent in executing that strategy. That is where the problem can usually be found.

In order to use social media effectively you must develop a solid strategy and then be consistent in executing that strategy.

Change Your Thinking

How awesome would it be if the moment someone began talking about buying a new dock that you would know about it? Welcome to social media listening stations! There are tools that can help you do that very thing ... and a whole lot more. Social media is NOT about posting content ... it is about listening, engaging, conversing. If your vision of social media is limited to what kind of information can you post - to attract more customers ... then you probably need to change your thinking. Don't get me wrong, you're in business to make money ... it's just that there's a way to do that without being socially obnoxious.


Facebook is not just for posting photos of your dog and talking about what you had for dinner. It is also NOT for businesses to keep posting (yet another) promotional message - "hey buy this", "hey buy that". Using the proper approach and the proper tools - you can actually participate, even lead the conversation ... drawing people to you instead of begging them to pay attention to you - which, of course, they won't if you're begging. Also, facebook is amazing for testimonials and referral campaigns to attract new customers. There are some very effective referral strategies that are easy to execute and amazingly effective.


Twitter has been called the "right-this-moment search engine". Whatever is happening right now - you can be involved in. Somebody is talking about docks or boating or something related to your industry ... you can be alerted and get involved. There are some very powerful ways that EZ Dock dealers can leverage this reality. Also, a strong Twitter presence can turn you into a "thought-leader" and establish you as the de-facto expert in your marketplace.


If you have a large number of project photos and you're not using Pinterest, you're making a big mistake. Even if you're relatively new to the EZ Dock game and you only have a few photos, there are some excellent techniques that can help you establish credibility.


Video is king. As a sales tool, you can't believe how effective video can be. Of course, the downside is in the creation, editing, and distribution of the video ... it can be time consuming. However, the payoff is more than worth it.

How We Help

Quite simply, the EZ Marketing System is very aggressive in the social media environment. We have multiple strategies that can be tailored to fit your specific situation. We have created a huge library of assets - social media posts, tweets, photos, videos, etc. ... and we continue to develop this content all the time. We have social assets that you can simply grab and use. In addition, we will help you form up and execute your strategy. Finally, if you want us to manage the day-to-day aspects of your social media campaign, we can even do that for you. You can have a robust and effective social media marketing campaign with very little to no effort on your part.