Selling EZ Dock on the Web

Selling EZ Dock on the Web With Little Effort

The terrifying truth for many EZ Dock dealers is that 80% of all internet traffic (website visitors) are NOT looking to buy anything right now. That means 4 out of every 5 people who are searching for "docks", "floating docks", even "EZ Docks" are NOT going to be customers, yet. In a busy world where it's difficult to keep up with what is happening right now, it's almost impossible to nurture a lead for weeks or even months - until they're ready to buy. However that is EXACTLY what you need to do if you're going to be successful selling EZ Dock on the web.

It's true, it can take weeks, even months in some cases, between the first time someone visits your website and the time they are ready to actually buy. Failing to nurture this lead along the way increases the chance they forget about you and end up buying from a competitor ... or perhaps they simply choose not to "deal with it" at all - because nobody made it "easy" to buy.

Before people will buy from you, they must first get to KNOW you (your company), then they must begin to LIKE you, finally we need them to TRUST you.

Creating Awareness for EZ Dock

At any given time, approximately 80% of internet traffic is in the AWARENESS phase. In this early phase of the buyer's journey, people are educating themselves. They are trying to understand the issues and options related to purchasing docks. In many cases, they are learning for the first time that wood docks may not be the best choice for them. They hadn't considered splinters and slippage and maintenance and a whole host of other issues related to traditional docks - until someone told them. That someone needs to be you!

At this point, they WANT information. They do not want to be sold to (yet). If your OFFER is "Buy Now and Receive 10% off all EZ Dock installations", you've wasted your opportunity. They're not ready for that and you may lose them if you are constantly trying to "sell them" at every turn. However, if your offer is "Download our Free E-Book: The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Dock For Your Situation" - you stand an excellent chance of collecting their email address as they download your ebook. They have now just "raised their hand" and asked you to educate them, to market to them, and (eventually) to sell to them.

Sadly, 82% of all businesses ignore the EDUCATION aspect of the marketing process and allow their competition to educate the buyers. That's a recipe for disaster ... and lost sales!

Demonstrating Why EZ Dock is Better

Once your website visitor (your lead) has gathered a fair amount of information, they now begin the CONSIDERTION PHASE. In this phase, armed with some knowledge about docks and related issues, they begin COMPARING companies and specific product offerings to determine which of these are the best "fit" for their situation.

At this point, a FEATURES CHART or some sort of comparison article would be perfect. Initially, you framed the awareness, the info they were originally presented. Now, you are framing the argument. Make them compare you on your strengths and your competitors on their weaknesses.

If you do this well, you will win the battle in Phase 3.

Making the Buying Decision

This is where the LEAD now becomes a BUYER. At this point discounts and offers, free installation, free site planning, guarantees, etc - actually can make a difference. Once I have decided to buy, these sorts of things can be the little "nudge" I need to buy from you instead of someone else, or to buy now instead of next season.

How The EZ Marketing System Helps You

Our system walks your website visitors through this entire buyer's journey. We have created all the educational material you will need and our system distributes it all. It requires no effort on your part. Your website will include strong offers with data-capture opportunities. Once they sign-up for any offer, they will automatically be put into a drip marketing system that will keep them interested and engaged until they are finally ready to buy from you.