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The ONLY Marketing System of Its Kind

Developed specifically for EZ Dock Dealers and Distributors

A Complete Digital Marketing Solution

The EZ Marketing System is everything you need to successfully promote and sell your EZ Dock products and accessories on the web. Whether you choose our EZ Basic Package, our EZ Growth Package, or our EZ Partner Package - you are getting the best marketing system available ... and it's Fast, it's Easy, and it's Effective.


Once you decide which package is best for you, simply choose from our collection of website design themes and color-schemes. We will need some information from you. Then your fully-functioning website which will be fully stocked with the latest EZ Dock products, photos, videos, and information can be live within 48 hours. Attempting to upgrade an existing website or launching a brand new site any other way takes weeks, if not months. Because we specialize in EZ Dock dealer websites, we've done all the hard work for you already. All we need is your "go"!


We need only the most basic of information to get you up and running. We do not need you to gather photos, product info, etc. - because we already have the latest EZ Dock information. If you happen to have "extra" stuff (your own installation photos, photos of your facility, a write-up of your company, etc.) we are happy to add that to the site as well. Of course, the more you have to offer, the better the site may serve you. However, you really don't need anything to get a great EZ Dock website started.

Once your website is up and running, you'll have access to the remaining pieces of the marketing system. Depending on your choices and options, we may do everything from set-up and manage key social media accounts to getting your site listed on important Local Search Directories. Again, we do all the work. You can focus on your work while we do ours.


Our system addresses every aspect of digital marketing with the top solutions available on the market today. Each package has been designed to address the needs of very different situations. Here is a closer look at each of them:

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EZ Dealer Plan

This is our entry-level plan which gives you access to ur outstanding turn-key website without any of the additional marketing pieces.

Who This Is For

  • New EZ Dock dealers
  • EZ Dock dealers who are on a more limited budget
  • EZ Dock dealers who already have an effective marketing team - looking to upgrade their website only.

Key Features

  • Amazing EZ Dock Website optimized for full-screen and mobile devices
  • Outstanding out-of-the-box SEO (search engine optimization) code designed to achieve high Google rankings
  • Live data feed which ensures your website is always up-to-date with the latest EZ Dock product information, photos, videos, and more.


This plan includes a robust set of marketing options and assets that will propel your business forward - designed to attract more attention and to help you to make more sales.

Who This Is For

  • EZ Dock dealers who are looking to grow but don't have the budget for our full Partner Program
  • EZ Dock dealers who also run other related businesses like marinas, watersports, etc.
  • EZ Dock dealers who need help to improve their marketing or to supplement an on-staff marketing person.

Key Features

  • All the features of our Basic Package
  • Local Search Domination - submission and optimization of your directory listing to over 100 of the top Local Directory listing services and mobile search apps.
  • Social media services designed to grow and engage your audience - leading to more sales.
  • Email Marketing Services - where we provide all the assets you need to keep in touch with your list of customers and prospects.
  • Lead generation and conversion - where we deploy data capture offers throughout your website and help you convert those leads into sales
  • Custom Sales and Marketing Materials - constantly updated and improved pdf sales sheets, brochures, photos, videos, etc.
  • Success Coaching - Your digital empire is growing ... there is a lot to learn and to manage. We help guide you through the process and answer any questions you have.


The ultimate EZ Dock marketing solution, the Partner Package gives you access to our full team of digital marketers. It's like having an entire EZ marketing department at your disposal.

Who This Is For

  • EZ Dock dealers and distributors who are serious about making money from their investment

Key Features

  • We develop a detailed Strategic Marketing Plan for your business to maximize your results (and your profits).
  • Expanded options on nearly every item described in the Growth Package. In essence, we are taking th world's most powerful set of marketing tools and completely customizing them to work EXACTLY the way that would benefit your business the most.
  • All assets and content we develop is customized specifically for your needs.
  • Impressive lead nurturing (drip campaign) designed to convert the highest number of leads possible.
  • Customized growth and marketing strategy to maximize the effectiveness of all your initiatives
Read More: Why A "System"?

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