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Why Use a Marketing System For EZ Dock

Running Efficiently, Effectively, and Without Hassle

Why a System?

Business, in general, is a process. Marketing is a process. Sales is a process.

If you are going to be successful in business, you create the most efficient, most effective, lowest-cost way to do the job properly. Then you refine it. Then you repeat it. If you follow this process, you have created a winning system. That's what we have done for you.

Many Pieces Working Together

Any company that is successful in marketing their products or services online understands that there are a number of "moving parts" that must all work together. Think of a car. An engine is powerful - but without a simple steering wheel or tires, it is absolutely useless. In fact, there are many parts to a car that, on their own aren't very impressive ... but when put together properly - these all come together to form an amazing machine.

The EZ Marketing System is actually very similar. We have a VERY impressive "engine" that is very powerful. However, the true power comes from the way of these pieces fit together to make one finely-tuned marketing machine. Our system addresses every stage of the Buyer's Journey and turns strangers into customers ... and even goes so far as to turn customers into ambassadors for your company.

The Buyers Journey

What would happen if you walked up to a woman at a bar, and said "Hi my name is Steve, would you marry me?". I'm guessing most of the time the night is not going to end up in a wedding ceremony. There's a process that must be followed and sometimes it can take a little while. First you need her to get to KNOW you, then she (hopefully) begins to LIKE you. Eventually she will TRUST you. At this point you may have a chance at closing the "sale" ... but even from here there's more work that needs to be done. We all know how it works. However we don't seem to follow that same thought process when attempting to make a sale ... especially not on our online sales process despite the fact that there is plenty of research that supports the fact that buyers behave in much the same way.

Our system walks people through the Buyer's Journey. We turn "strangers" into "prospects" into "leads" and eventually into "buyers". In fact, our post-sales system goes even beyond all that - working to turn these new customers into "ambassadors" who sell/tell their friends and acquaintances about you.

We have provided a brief outline of how we guide buyers through this critical journey.

  • STRANGERS: Most people don't know you. They probably went straight to Google or used a smart phone search app and searched for "docks" or "dock company" or something like that. We make sure you are listed on all the major search engines and local search directories ... so we can get you in front of the STRANGERS - ahead of your competition.
  • PROSPECTS: By providing a great website with lots of information, photos, videos, etc. - we begin educating your website visitors. We encourage them to download a number of useful educational pieces to learn even more about EZ Dock. When they do, they provide us with an email address ... they have now become a PROSPECT.
  • LEADS: Now it's time to turn the prospects into LEADS. Each prospect will receive useful information in their email about EZ Dock, about the specific product they inquired about, and about your company. Our system will follow-up with them ... keeping the communication open and providing them with all sorts of useful information over time. Throughout the process, they will be encouraged to take another step ... to get a price quote or to make some other more specific request - expecting to be contacted by you. Once they take that action, we consider them a LEAD. Better than that, they're actually an educated lead that is probably further down the sales process than you are used to seeing in the past.
  • CUSTOMER: By the time they contact you for a specific price quote, many of these people are already fully educated and are ready to buy. The goal of our approach is really to turn your sales call into nothing more than an order-taking call. Many times these people may be ready to be a customer before you ever actually speak with them.
  • AMBASSADOR: Because of your efficient and effective sales and marketing process ... and assuming you get the job done on time and on budget ... they are already very happy with you. But the job is not finished. Our system continues to engage them by asking for testimonials and reviews. We encourage your customer to turn into a social ambassador for you - gladly posting photos of their new dock and telling the world how great you were to work with. It can be a very powerful aspect to our system when used properly.

As you can see, not only is a systematic way the best way to approach selling EZ Dock products ... it's the ONLY way!

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